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Starting with Smart Home Automation: 3 Recommendations

Explore the Best Options for Smart Technology

Starting with Smart Home Automation: 3 Recommendations

When you walk into your home, it should feel like a haven from the outside stresses and hassles of life. One of the things we love about Crestron smart home automation is that each device is designed to make your daily life not only easier, but more luxurious too.  Of course, the big question is where should you start? Whether you’re in Pinecrest, Miami, or Brickell, FL, here are our recommendations for the top three starting technologies.

Motorized Shades

Crestron motorized shades take your traditional window treatments to a whole new level, allowing you to control them at the push of a button or voice command using Amazon Alexa. One of the reasons we love motorized shades is because of how versatile they are.  You can use them to prevent solar heat gain and avoid damaging your furniture. You can set your shades to automatically lower when their sensors notice the sun’s rays directly shining through. You can even set up the shades as part of a specific “scene” like “Watch Movie” that has them automatically close when you decide it’s time to watch your favorite film.

There are various types of patterns and fabrics to choose from, as well as dual shading.  Pick blackout shades for when it’s movie time, or if you want to transform your home from day to night so you can rest. 

Audio Video Distribution

One common problem in homes these days is that we have televisions and sound systems in multiple areas of our homes, but no way to manage everything from one interface. That’s what audio video distribution allows you to do. From one Crestron interface or a smartphone app, you can access your entire media library from every corner of your home.  If you’re listening to a playlist or finishing up a TV show marathon, you can quickly move from one room to the next and pick up right where you left off.

Controlling the system is a breeze.  Using a Crestron interface, you have complete command over choosing what to watch or listen to next.  Integrate your digital audio library, Blu-rays, and streaming services, so you have everything readily available always.

Smart Lighting

Just like with motorized shades, smart lighting refers to upgrading the light fixtures so that you can control them remotely all at once. Crestron lighting control can set the mood and create ambiance for any situation in and outside of your home.  Host a dinner party, and dim the lights once everyone is done to encourage conversation.  Intensify the kitchen lights as you wake up in the morning, ensuring a bright start to the day.

You can save energy with lighting control as well.  Set sensors to pick up when a room becomes empty, and to automatically turn off the lights, so vacant rooms don’t waste power.  Watch your bills lower, and enjoy having full control over your lights.

Your home is just waiting to make life easier for you.  We provide smart home automation technology to homeowners all throughout South Florida. You can learn more about all the options we have to offer by contacting us at (305) 772-7806 or online through our contact form.